When traveling just about anywhere overseas in Europe one can find inexpensive sleeping accommodations. In Deutschland “Germany” any traveler should look for hostels, which are a little like some early bed and breakfast inns but with less amenities.
Hostels can not only offer patrons more money in which to do more things in Europe but can also add a new avenue to learn about the local customs and mingle in the culture.

Germany’s hostels do not have an age requirements therefore most people refer to them as youth hostels. However hostels in general are a really cheap way of traveling within many areas of Europe and they offer clean accommodations for all ages not just young travelers.

Hostelling in Deutschland “Germany” is known for its convenience, cheap stays and cleanliness. Hostels remind most people of dormitory accommodations. Hostels can be located in just about every city in Germany and start at about $20 per night, however the prices fluctuate with the exchange rate of the dollar. Hostels are have only the basic accommodations, in other words no television or coffee makers in your room. Most hostels are centrally located and have easy access to local transportation.

In most hostels you will meet people from all over the world. Hostels are a great way to meet people, people interested in traveling farther on their dollar and being able to see the countryside and the local culture without all the glitz and glamor of more well traveled tourist areas.

Hostelling is friendly and cheap compared to traveling through the country following normal tourist avenues. Some hostels give discounts depending on the number in your party or seasonal tourist lags. Most hostels also require reservations for individual rooms or large groups. However traveling by hostels take just a simple amount of planning to make sure that you will get the best accommodations and prices. Hostels however usually have curfews because they fill the beds and then close the doors. Amenities usually vary greatly from but you should be prepared to carry your own toiletries and a few hostels don’t even supply towels or linens, so make sure you know what your hostel supplies.


Understanding what hostels are is somewhat difficult because hostels are fast becoming a more comfortable economical travel accommodations for any traveler seeking a good value. Furthermore they are more available then ever before. Over a decade ago youth hostels offered a very cheap way of traveling in which to see the world, with little amenities. The rooms were similar to dormitory style with bunk beds and sharing a bathroom with up to 30 different guests, curfews, and lots of sleepless nights.

Reservations however about sharing a bathroom with strangers or bunking with strangers who personal habits leave a lot to be desired has changed. Today, hostels are much like budget hotels very similar to bed and breakfast inns. For example, many hostels offer private rooms, smaller dorm rooms for friends and families. As well as the rooms that offer no curfews, small kitchens, Internet and other added amenities. The main thing to remember is hostelling is economical and not luxurious like four star hotels but they can save hundreds of dollars in relatively a little amount of time, and with the right shopping around a traveler can have a magnificent travel experience.